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Zipper Pouch, Wallet, Coin Purse, Hard Times

Zipper Pouch, Wallet, Coin Purse, Hard Times

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Perfectly handy for all the little things: Cash, Keys, Coins and Cards (store cards, gift cards, business cards, credit card and ID cards). Find them all just where you need them; for your purse, glove box, pocket, desk drawer and everywhere you go... 
Makes a great little gift too!

  • Leather: Hard Times Color: Copper
    A beautiful vintage tanned leather with a matte finish that changes with each bend, flex and stretch, pulling up a lovely copper color and creating a look totally unique to you. We love the patina this leather gets over time!

    Small healed scars, bites and stretch marks may be visible and are evidence of the life of the cow. These are perfect imperfections that make this leather especially charming.

  • Dimensions: 6 inches wide x 4 inches tall
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