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- Shipping costs are determined when the order is ready to ship and will be added to your order before your Credit Card is charged or before your invoice is sent (Terms).

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* You need to be an existing Wholesale customer with a registered account for our website.

About Oberon Design

At Oberon we’re proud of the fact that the design and casting of our Britannia metal line and all our leather work is done "in house". This combined with our source for domestically tanned leather, use of local and domestic businesses for resources such as non-toxic glues and dyes, thread, zippers, and other items used in our leather and pewter processes; in addition to in house production of catalogs and websites, make Oberon Design what it is today, a good old fashioned, hands on, hard working American company.

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All About Oberon Design

All of our products are handmade in Santa Rosa, CA. We don't hold inventory, we make it when you order it!

"Brendan's Leather Book" by Brendan Smith, the owner and founder of Oberon Design

Wholesale Policies

- All wholesale accounts must have a brick and mortar store – we do not sell our lines to website-only resellers. However, you may feature and sell our products on your store’s website.
- Wholesale accounts are not authorized to sell our items on eBay or Amazon or other 3rd party online Marketplace. To do so would invalidate your agreement and would terminate your account.
- You must agree to not discount either our leather or pewter lines, beyond the occasional and reasonable promotion. Our items are bench crafted here in our studio by artisans and we believe that discounting our lines cheapens them, diminishing their value in the eyes of the public.

Info for Ordering -
• Orders may be placed directly Online or by email at sales@oberondesign.com.
• Opening orders for a new account have a $300 minimum (can be a combination of leather and pewter). First order for Pewter only have a $150 minimum. Reorders are a $100 minimum.
• First orders must be paid by credit card. We offer Terms for future orders. Let us know if you’d like a new credit application.
• For re-orders under $100, a service charge of $5 will be added.
• Oberon products are made to order and shipped on a non-refundable basis.
• Our Leather Products are made when you place your order. We do the Britannia Metal Jewelry and hair accessories in small batches. Order turnaround for Jewelry and Hair Accessories is 3-5 days and for Leather Products 7-10 days. Orders ship completely fulfilled.
• Please note that not all of our product line is available wholesale. You may see a product line on our retail website that is not shown on our wholesale website. Our wholesale product line and the specific items offered in those lines represent the most successful of our products.

We're a group of artisans and designers that take pride in handcrafting items of uncommon quality. We conduct our business with environmental awareness and the integrity of sound business practices. We take pride in fostering a flexible, human-centered workplace for our hard working artisans and employees. When you offer an Oberon product to your customers, you help sustain the future of American craftsmanship.

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