Alternative Book Inserts for Oberon Design Leather Covers

Oberon Design sells fillers for all sizes of our Original Journals & Icon Journals   on our website. Click here to go to our Parts and Fillers Page.

There are many inserts and fillers in the marketplace that fit Oberon Design leather covers.

If you are looking for Planners, Calendars, Address Books, Lined, Dot Grid or Blank page formats, read on!

You can also experiment with different combinations that may suit your needs.

Do you know of others? Let us know! Send a photo! We will add them to this page.


Row of Inserts and Fillers

Oberon Design Hardbound Fillers - For Large & Small Journals

Oberon hardbound book inserts are made to our exacting standards, insuring their archival quality.

  • Construction: The bindings are Smyth Sewn or Section Sewn, which is the highest quality book binding available. This means the pages are physically sewn into the book using binders thread, further reinforced with fabric backing and adhesive to create the most durable books available.
  • Paper: Our paper is acid free, recycled and archival quality.
  • Lined Template: For versatility we offer blank pages in our hardbound books. We include a lined template sheet in our Small, Large and XL/Sketchbook sized journals. Bold lines are visible when the template is slipped behind a blank page to help straight line writing.
Journal Sizes Compared

pictured left:

  • Large Journal Filler - 5.5 x 8.5 x 7/8 inches.(paper measures Fits our Original Large Journal and Icon Journal Covers measuring 6 x 9 inches.
  • Small Journal Filler - 4.25 x 6.25 x .75 inches. Fits our Original Small Journal Covers measuring 5 x 6.875

Click here to purchase an Oberon Filler.

What's the difference between the Large Notebook Covers and the Large Journal?

Moleskine Fillers - Planners, Address Books, Calendars, Passion Journals, Evernote
For  Pocket Notebooks, Large Notebook, & Composition Notebook Covers

Pocket Moleskine Notebooks (3.5 x 5.5 inches)

Leather Pocket Notebook Cover with Moleskine Planner and Address Book

Pictured : Oberon Design Leather Pocket Notebook Cover with Pocket Moleskine Planner

Moleskine Inserts for Leather Pocket Notebook Covers

Pictured : Oberon Design Leather Pocket Notebook Cover with Pocket Moleskine Address Book.

Large Moleskine Notebooks (5.1 x 8.3 inches)

  • Planners, address books, calendars, lined, grid, blank, themed journals and other formats.
  • Fits Oberon Design Large Notebook Covers.
  • Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine - (large size 5.1 x 8.5) A perfect marriage of tech and artisanal craftsmanship.
  • Moleskine Passion Journals - These themed notebooks, in combination with an Oberon Large Notebook Cover make an amazing gift for the enthusiast in your life. - Wedding, Wine, Recipe, Garden, Travel, Restaurant, Books, Film, Music, Chocolate, Beer, Home Life, Wellness, Baby, Pet and more. Click here to visit for the full selection.


Moleskine dot grid filler for large notebookcovers.

Pictured: Oberon Design Large Notebook Cover with Moleskine Large Dot Grid filler. Great for Bullet Journaling!

Moleskine Passions Notebook Travel Journal Pictured: Oberon Design Large Notebook Cover with Moleskine Passion Traveler's Journal.

Moleskine Extra Large Planner (7.5 x 9.85 inches)

  • Fits our Composition Notebook Cover. We love this combination.
  • Moleskine 12 Month Monthly Planner includes a 12 month calendar and lined notebook pages.
  • Can be used with a regular composition notebook by inserting 2 fillers. See photo, right.

Leather Composition Notebook Cover

Pictured - Leather Composition Notebook Cover with Moleskine extra large planner, combined with a regular composition notebook.

Moleskine Extra Large Planner for Oberon Composition Notebook Covers

Pictured - Moleskine Extra Large Planner for Oberon Composition Notebook Covers

Leuchtturm 1917 - Lined, Dot Grid, Graph, Blank - For Large Journal Covers

Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook (A5 Medium Size 5.71 X 8.27 inches)


Leuchtturm Dot Grid Notebook for Large Notebook Covers

Pictured - This Leuchtturm Hardbound Dot Grid Notebook fits our Large Journal Covers

Creative use of the Leuchtturm dod grid notebook

Pictured - Bullet Style Journal hand-drawn calendar. The dot grid notebooks are popular for free form uses.


Rhodia Desk & Pocket Webnotebook 'Webbie' - Lined, Blank and Dot Grid 
For Pocket Notebook & Large Journal Covers.

Rhodia Webnotebook -

Leather Notebook Cover with Rhodia Pocket Notebook

Rhodia Pocket Notebook in our Leather Pocket Notebook Cover

Rhodia Notebook Filler for Large Journals

Rhodia Lined Notebook in our Leather Cover for Large Journals.

Field Notes - Blank, Ruled, Dot Grid, Graph and more -  For Pocket Notebook Covers.

Field Notes Notebooks (3.5 x 5.5)

  • These popular notebooks fit our Leather Pocket Notebook Covers
  • Available in many styles including blank, ruled, grid, graph, dot, dot-graph and more.
  • Made in America.
  • Field Notes are widely available. Click here for the Field Notes homepage.

Leather Pocket Notebook Cover with Field Notes

Pictured - Leather Pocket Notebook Cover with multiple Field Notes notebooks. (one for To Do's, one for Thoughts and an extra in the wings)

Field Notes Combined with a Moleskine Planner and Address Book

Pictured - Field Notes Combined with a Moleskine Planner and Address Book in our Leather Pocket Notebook Cover.

Northbooks - Ruled, Dot Grid and Blank - For Large Notebook Covers

Northbooks: High-Quality, 50% recycled, Sustainably Sourced Paper…Made in America.

Available in Ruled, Dot Grid, Blank in 5” x 8” size. Fits our Large Notebook Cover

Northbooks Lined Notebook in A Large Notebook Cover

Pictured - Northbooks Lined Notebook in A Large Notebook Cover

Northbooks Notebook and Moleskine Planner Combined in a Large Journal Cover

Pictured - Working on multiple projects? Combine a thin notebook with a Leuchtturm hard bound notebook in a large journal cover.

Pentalic - Blank, Ruled, Dot Grid, Black Paper - For Small & Large Journal Covers

Traveler Pocket Journal: Sketch blank, ruled, grid, black paper. Fits Oberon: Small Journal Cover


Pentalic Pocket Traveler Journal in our Small Journal Cover

Pentalic Traveler Pocket Journal in our Small Journal Cover

Hardbound Sketchbooks: 4 x 6 & 5.5 x 8 Fits Oberon Small and Large Journal Covers

Pen & Ink Sketchbook - For Pocket Notebook Covers

Pen & Ink sketch books offer high quality acid free paper and durable covers at a very affordable price. Features include an elastic closure an expandable inner pocket and an attached ribbon bookmark. Each book is stitch bound and has a durable faux leather wrapped hard cover. These are wonderful for people who go through a lot of sketch books and writing books but do not want to spend a lot of money on replacing books that are full!

This sketch book by Pen & Ink has blank heavy duty sheets. There are 96 buff-colored acid-free pages. The book measures 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches and the paper is 98lb. (145g/m2). This is a great book for watercolor and ink- the heavy paper will handle water just like 90lb watercolor paper. The paper is lightly textured and will also take pencil beautifully!



Oberon Design Leather Pocket Notebook Cover