All about the Clio Clip hair clip mechanism by Oberon Design

Clio Clip mechanism by Oberon Design

Exciting News!

Our Hair Clips are Better Than Ever! 

Introducing the Clio Clip. Due to manufacturing disruptions that have shaken up the whole industry, the “Made in France” clip mechanisms are no longer available. Instead our new Clio Clip will replace that "Made in France" clip on our hair barrettes. We’ve managed to keep its beautifully elegant french style look while improving the overall quality of the clip.

What makes these the best?

  • They're made of 25 gauge high carbon steel, making it thicker than any other hair clip mechanism on the market.
  • Each hair clip has a strong, secure, and smooth base with a tension bar to hold your hair in place.
  • These hair clips are nickel free with hypoallergenic plating.
  • They’re even sturdier than before while not losing their flexibility.
  • And there are no loose parts to trap and pull hair.

Now available on 80 mm and 70 mm sizes.

60 mm and 100 mm sizes are still the 'Made in France' clip mechanism while supplies last.

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